Child’s Eye Line UK goes to News UK

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Child’s Eye Line UK was delighted to be invited to the offices of News UK this month to discuss the campaign and ways the two organisations can work together to protect children from sexualisation in the UK.

News UK, the publishers of The Sun and The Times newspapers, invited founder Kathy McGuinness to talk about the campaign’s concerns at the media giant’s offices in London.

“We are delighted that News UK has decided to scrap the topless Page 3 feature and produce more family-friendly front covers for Britain’s best-selling newspaper, The Sun,” said Kathy McGuinness. “We are thrilled to be working with News UK to help them best-position their products for a family-friendly market and be part of their dialogue with retailers to protect children from sexualisation.”

News UK’s Head of Communications, Helen Collier, said: “We are really pleased to be talking to Kathy and listening to the concerns of parents. We are keen to continue a dialogue with campaigners and retailers to best display our market-leading newspapers in a family-friendly way.”

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