How you can get involved!


This campaign is all about people power!

We have campaigns running in many towns so far.

These campaigns were all started by parents who got fed up with repeatedly seeing porn/sexual imagery in public. We want every town in the UK to be family friendly and you can help to make that happen, just join the Child’s Eye Line UK movement!

Here are some tools to help you along the way. Good luck and don’t forget to keep us informed of your successes here or through facebook and twitter, If you need any help or further tips please contact

Campaign steps

1. Write to your MP. Try to send by post as they have a duty to reply. Try candidates for other parties and councillors too. Remember, elected officials are meant to represent the public!

2. Write to your local retailer or all of your local retailers (or get your MP to do it!). Contact details for the major retailers are available here. Industry guidance is available at and However, Child’s Eye Line UK does not believe current guidance goes far enough. Ask them to sign up to a responsible retailer agreement.

Here is the British Retail Consortium *new* guidance on the placement of lads’ mags and women’s mags,


3. Be a Twitter hero and tweet everyone in the world about Child’s Eye Line UK. @ChildEyesUK. Join us on Facebook

4. Ask your local radio to feature your Child’s Eye Line UK campaign. Local radio stations love this subject. We have been on radio lots so far!

5. Ask your local newspaper to feature your Child’s Eye Line UK campaign. Local newspapers love this subject. We have been in many local papers too.

6. Get your local school, or all local schools involved.

7. Does your local soft-play display sexualised newspapers or women’s mags with child abuse and rape stories around children? If so, write to them and ask them not to.

8. Does your local library provide graphic novels and comics that contain sexual violence and rape? Do they display sexualised newspapers? Do they display Lad mags? If so, ask them to display them responsibly.

9. Talk about it with every one you know. Many people have strong feelings about porn in public spaces but are afraid to speak up, feeling they are alone in their concerns. Many others have never thought about it before or are too desensitised. Once you talk about it, and people think about it, most people support the protection of children from sexualisation.

10. Read and share our Parental Controls for Internet.
Don’t forget to tell us all your news so we can share your story.

We can’t wait to see a more family-friendly UK!