About Child’s Eye Line UK

Child’s Eye Line UK is campaigning to protect children from sexualisation and commercialisation


Key aim

Prevention of harm to children caused by sexualisation and commercialisation.


  1. Encourage government to enforce legislation regarding pornography and sexualised images in public places where children are permitted.
  2. Encourage government to provide help and support for parents to protect their children from hard core internet porn and violent games.
  3. Work with retailers and media companies to protect children from sexualisation.
  4. Protect young girls and boys from damaging images that can affect their wellbeing and development.
  5. Help parents find ways to protect their children from pornography and sexualised imagery.


How does Child’s Eye Line UK work?

Child’s Eye Line UK is a project and campaign. There is a core team of volunteers who perform a variety of different roles from raising awareness on social media to committee meetings at government level. The Child’s Eye Line UK campaign has garnered support from an increasing number of people across the UK who are frustrated at the presence of sexual and violent content in everyday life.


What is Child’s Eye Line UK doing?

We meet regularly with government ministers, MPs and Parliamentary groups working on child protection issues.

We are commenting in the press, TV, radio and other media to raise awareness of Child’s Eye Line UK issues (see our press coverage page).

We are speaking at schools and participating in panels and debates for children.

We meet with national media companies and publishers (e.g. News UK, publishers of The Sun newspaper) to discuss ways of reducing children’s exposure sexualised imagery.

Via our Facebook page we are building up a picture of what the landscape of childhood looks like. We are collecting images from newsagents, billboards, clothes, media, magazines and other items. The purpose is to put these things together in order to make people think and to ‘re-sensitise’. We have a body of evidence of inappropriate shop displays sent in by supporters across the country which can be found on our gallery.

Via our Twitter page we are putting pressure on various retailers to remove porn, lads’ mags and pornpapers from child’s eye line.

Via our blog we are discussing the subject of sexualisation in the UK. This ranges from teenage pornography and social media to difficulties mothers face breastfeeding as a result of sexualisation.

We are writing and speaking to ministers, newspapers, retailers, teachers, parents, campaigners and anyone else who will listen.

We are working on family friendly retailer/ café schemes and hope to roll this out nationally.