Child’s Eye Line UK petition

The petition is now closed. We started the petition asking David Cameron to make it illegal to display porn around children.

We began the petition in March 2013, initially petitioning Edward Timpson MP in his role as Children and Families Minister. Sadly, Mr Timpson refused to engage with the campaign and denied our evidence, arguing that voluntary codes do work. We have rigorously tested this and are certain that this does not work. We have a great deal of proof that the government refuses to view.

However, the petition was successful, quickly collecting over 25,000 signatures and many touching comments from supporters. We decided to deliver the petition in October 2013 to No 10 Downing St. We also hand delivered a copy of The Sport for the government to see what is really happening on Britain’s streets along with some examples of what children see on a daily basis.

In July 2014 we were invited to the Home Office to meet the Minister for Crime Prevention, Norman Baker MP. Minister Baker informed us that the Indecent Displays Act, 1981, could be used to hold retailers to account for displaying newspapers and magazines with sexualised front covers at child height. Success! Our mission now is to make sure the law is upheld.

Please contact us at if you have had any experience of reporting retailers who display sexualised material around children. We are currently collating a report for the Home Office to improve police response to reporting of this crime.